17. July 2020

The Honest Story Behind UI MATERIAL – From Idea to Launch in 90 days

An inclusive tool that helps makers and indie developers to improve user experience with effortless integration of UI avatars. That is the UI MATERIAL now, although it haven't seemed so from the start.

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7. November 2018

How to discover machine learning opportunities in your product

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings the new wave of automation. It changes every business as electricity did a few years ago. Things become smarter and every business is looking for ways to put machine learning into production to bring value to customers. Everyone wants to incorporate that intelligence into their product. But, where to start?

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20. August 2018

We need to start talking about digital identities

China is using AI to calculate citizen a social credit score. Its quite easy to tell china has taken the Sesame score straight from the Black Mirror series. The biggest perk of technology sounds horrifying and exciting at the same time. The rest of the world is observing this giant social experiment.

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14. June 2017

Show me your apps and I’ll tell you who you are

In 2011 University study suggested people check their phones 30-40 times per day. The experiment showed my average daily pickups 29, spent time 2 hours and 8 minutes. However, the recent study says US customers are using smartphone 5 hours per day. Spending one-third of the wake-up time interacting with technology is astonishing. Pulling out the device and looking for engaging information is a big part of our lives. People working on the digital products holds power similar to atomic energy - it can be used for destroying or powering cities.

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19. April 2017

How to design useful products

Three years ago I was starting e-shop selling teas. I saw an opportunity to promote its boost effect and sell it to the various workplaces. We have spent half a year building product, developing e-shop and branding. After a launch, we have sent four bags of tea. It was devastating. What did we wrong? Was that positioning of a product, or product itself? Besides looking for ways to improve, we decided to focus on other activities and quit.

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